What to do after your married how to change your last name.

Congratulations on taking what is only the first step in your new life as a married person now it’s time to take care of the legal stuff changing your last name listed below are some of the places that you’ll need to get your information to the legally change your last name

  1. You’ll need to get a copy of your marriage license before you can change anything. You’ll need a certified copy of your marriage license with the raised seal and your new last name on it.  You can get this from the Kern County Clerk’s office more information here
  2. Changing your Social Security card by visiting the Social Security administration website and fill out their application for new Social Security card.  You will keep the same number just your name will be different.  Mail your application to the administration office and you should get a new card within about 14 business days.
  3. Changing your driver’s license. For this one, you’ll have to take a trip to the local DMV and get a new license with your new last name.  Be sure to bring every form of identification you can. a) Your old license b) Your certified marriage license c) Your new Social Security card.  Visit the DMV website for more details
  4. Bank accounts.  This one’s pretty big especially if you’re setting up a joint account.  The fastest way to change your name at your bank is to just go to the branch itself.  Bring your new drivers license and your marriage license. make sure to request new checks, a new debit and credit card. Depending on your bank you might get hit with fees.

Taking care of the rest. Once you have a Social Security card and drivers license in your married name everything else should be pretty easy.  Some places only require a phone call others might ask for a copy of your certified marriage certificate or social security card. Here is a list of outer places you will need to update.

  • Your employer and the payroll department
  • The post office
  • The utility company and Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Your credit card companies
  • Your landlord or mortgage company
  • Your auto, home, and life insurance
  • Your doctors office
  • Voter registration
  • All of your IRAs or investment accounts
  • Your attorney to update legal documents including your will
  • The passport office

Official Name Change Kit after Marriage

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