Small Micro Weddings in Bakersfield

With the pandemic looming over everything we do for the near future weddings will tend to be on the smaller side. A more intimate wedding has a lot of upsides. Here are some ideas for a small intimate wedding celebration.

1. Have it anywhere you like.
The beauty of an intimate wedding with limited guests is you can have it just about anywhere you like. At a beautiful venue, a private estate, a gorgeous park, etc. The Sky is the limit

2. Personal welcome gifts for your guests.
With a small number of guests it becomes more affordable to come up with exciting and unique gifts for your most cherished guests. Possibly a small travel size cocktail mix delivered with a private note the night before the celebration.  A welcome gift of personalized chocolate as your wedding guest arrive at the celebration. 

3. Make your entertainment over the top
With a little more room in the wedding budget you could hire unique entertainment for your wedding. An example may be an artist to paint a rendering of the reception or maybe cultural dancers, example belly dancers, hula dancers etc. to entertain your guests.

4. Special events
With a small wedding group you could plan special events to take place before and after the celebration. Maybe a wine tour, or a cheese tasting or a trip to an amusement park. The ideas are limitless

5. Personal invitations
With such a small amount of invitations being mailed out you could make each one personal to each guests you’re inviting.  

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